Wendy McCarthyWendy McCarthy

Wendy McCarthy's creative mind is always at work, whether it be imagining mermaids lounging on the edge of the water or designing illustrations for a children's book she had written.  This Jersey Shore artist attended Parson's School of Design in New York City and has spent many years designing and painting murals in private homes.  But her love of painting has recently moved to the canvas, so that her delightful creations can be shared with everyone.
Her painting "Swim Team" is a large canvas painted in acrylic and the first of a series titled "Mer- Moments".  Five mermaids are lounging along the edge of the water, surrounded by curious seagulls.  Mermaids have always been a fascination of McCarthy's and have been the subject of other paintings, but these ladies look as though they are ready to dive in and perform water ballet for whoever ambles along the beach!

About Mer-Moments
Moving from murals to canvas has proved to be a unique opportunity for artist Wendy McCarthy.  "In my murals I've painted the beach scenes I grew up with ...the waves, the sand and sky.  My mermaid series is a fictional world created from scenarios that I have imagined ...mermaids doing distinctly un-mermaid like things."  Wendy has been known to solicit help from her family members recruited (involuntarily) as artist's models.  "I had to go out and buy an inner tube and put my younger daughter in it, to see what a mermaid would look like floating in one.  And I have been told that the men in my paintings look a lot like my husband."  No matter how challenging, this self-taught artist has succeeded in painting a series of whimsical scenes that make you smile.  "Swim Team", the initial offering of the series Mer-Moments, depicts a group of mermaids lounging at water's edge in pastel bathing caps, perhaps waiting for the next race.  "Celebrity", "Cocktail Hour", "MerMom, and "Stormy Weather ", all on large canvases, are also completed.  Works in progress include, "Surfs Up" and "Gone Fishing".  And she's only getting started! Look for a calendar when the twelve canvas series is complete.

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