ARTIST, LIZ LIND.  Think color. Rich, saturated, caribbean blue, coral pink and lime green reminiscent of summer. Perhaps it's taking in the earthy combinations of sienna and iron red surrounded by a burst of yellow - a palette inspired by visits to the desert at sunset. Or, maybe it's the range of violets observed from a backyard garden full of spring irises. Liz Lind is an artist who unleashes color when she paints as she sees it - with intensity everywhere and in everything. 

Lind's paintings are not only fine art but are expressions of her raw creative energy and her childlike insight of the world. She sees color the way impressionists see light- shadows as purple and how the sun sharpens a hue. Her detailed watercolor studies of garden flowers capture their true color intensity and natural form with skill of working fluidily with a variety of medium. Lind generally works in a series since her method of painting has always been to work on several pieces at the same time, adding color, cutting paper, assembling layers over a matter of months minutes. Her subject matter ranges from posies to pools, steam ships to landscapes and continues to change based on her curiosity and lifelong observation of the world around her.


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