Jennifer is a mixed media artist who lives and works in her studio on the west end of Galveston Island. With a degree in art from the University of Colorado and over 20 years in the art business, she has taken a side step in showing her own work. Operating galleries in San Francisco and Austin, she has been exposed to an immense amount of art enabling her to refine her taste and find her own style. She has learned from and been influenced by some of the very painters she spent years promoting. Loving the outdoors, Galveston Island and its beaches, birds, flowers and seasons provide infinite inspiration for her work and the perfect setting to focus on it.

Her paintings reflect island life filled with bright-saturated colors and whimsy. Acrylic on panel, painted and collaged the images are playful and happy. Text, stories and words are ripped and cut and along with colored paper they sit on top of painted surfaces. They celebrate the beauty of Galveston and tell a story of life at the beach!
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