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Welcome, ocean lovers and beachcombers, to the ocean-inspired world of OBX Trading Group! Take a break, come on in and relax. We have an abundance of luxury coastal themed beach décor for you to explore. Designed by beach artisans, for beach and ocean lovers, you’ll find many different aquatic styles represented within our pages. We may start with soft, subtle looks that reflect calm and quiet days, adrift at sea but then in an instant, we’ll go high tide and sweep you away with the fierce passionate side of the briny blue. We’ve something for every taste. Find elegant, high-quality accessories that will compliment your lifestyle and highlight your love of nautical décor. Whether you're looking for premium throw pillows or luxury beach art, you'll find a treasure chest full of the perfect gems for your home, houseboat, office or living space.

Find comfort in the quality of our selections and the work of our beloved artisans. If the ocean inspires you as much as it does us, you will enjoy browsing through the vast array of our luxury coastal décor. OBX Trading Group offers the best of nautical themed furniture, coastal themed home accessories, and stylish fashion beach gear. We also have a personal affection for high-end ocean themed throw pillows so we are proud to offer the largest assortment of designer beach pillows. You’ll be amazed at our almost endless selection. Get comfy and settle down in your favorite chair because with over 2000 quality coastal throw pillows to choose from, you’re going to have a lot of fun browsing our many pages of high-end coastal décor! Go ahead and spoil yourself and give your personal space the attention it deserves. You can easily bring the feel of a cozy beach cottage into any room with choice accessories from our luxury coastal collections.

There are many facets to OBX but we always remain true to our love of the deep blue. When you scroll through our many offerings, you’ll first notice top of the line accessories and artist lines in our nautical Accents section. Here, we’ll feature elegant designs from Jennifer Umphress and Shayne Greco, as well as every piece of coastal home accessory you may have not realized you must have! We even offer coastal themed holiday treasures in Accents! Our remarkable nautical Pillow section offers more designer pillows than you’ll find anywhere else. After you have your accessory and pillow needs met, you can carry on to our exceptional coastal themed Curtains, nautical Rugs and beach themed Bath trimmings. The amazing details you’ll find in these areas will convince your guests that you are truly the guru of luxury beach home décor! But don’t stall out yet… the wind has filled the sails and there’s no stopping now! In a few more clicks, you’ll fly up to Tabletops, Lighting and Wall Art… there’s nothing that the team at OBX Trading Company hasn’t thought of and included for your viewing pleasure. By this time your beloved personal spaces should be glowing with reclaimed drift wood art, nautical mirrors, seashell chandeliers and more!

OBX is based on a dream… a daydream of coastal adventure when we’re landlocked in our business, office or personal home. Our amazing line-up of coastal artists has helped us achieve our luxury coastal theme and we don’t know what the world of nautical art would do without them. We are proud to feature superior works of art from best coastal décor artisans, such as:  Angela Headley, Karen Robertson Collection, Karen Sorensen, Kim Rody Art, Liz Lind, Marjolein Scott, Robin Rowe, Sharon K. Sharpe and Wendy McCarthy.

These beach themed artists are experts in bringing the life and love of the ocean right into your sphere. Let their work speak for itself and delight your senses, the way it has captured ours.

OBX Trading Group offers many delightful pieces for your bedroom, book nook, boat house, office, patio and more. We don’t stop there, however! We also have a great assortment of beach and nautical totes, as well as some women's jewelry and beachwear. Check out our designer selections and treat yourself to a day at the beach without leaving home!

We are proud to be ranked in the Top 5 Great Online Stores by Coastal Living Magazine and we strive to keep our pages filled with unique designer options. Once again, welcome to Outer Banks Trading Group!

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